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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Long time no post :)

Well it's been quite a summer over here at chez Enriched. I started a new job and ended up quitting it after 2 months due to the complete unprofessionalism of the work place. Seriously, people being fat fascists, people cutting their toenails (!) at work, and general unbecoming crap that i just hate. Enough said, and summer is over. So back to my Real Life and blog :P
Knitting has been somewhat sporadic . I did make a few baby things and a cool purse but still havent solved the Digital Camera Dilemma. Will do shortly though.
I had hoped to get over to Seattle this past weekend as the Yarn Harlot was there but couldn't manage it.
Other travel plans are somewhat on hold as well as we plan a wedding for next summer-ish. Yes ours! What we want to do is go to Europe afterwards ( He especially would like to be in Wacken Germany in early August for the huge metalfest. I've explained the crowdedness of Europe in the summer and so far that means we may set the date for early August - yay that here in Victoria its fairly nice in summer )
That's pretty much a short update. Oh..except we've had people staying with us for 2 whole frickn months. It was supposed to be 2 weeks! This weekend is supposedly the moving out time but we haven't heard anything about them finding their own place yet.
Let me tell you boys 'n girls, have we ever learned a lesson. Helping folks out is great. But making sure there are very sturdy boundaries is extremely important. We didn't make any really because we were told it was only for two weeks. And somehow it kept getting extended and we didn't take ahold of the monster and tie it up ..we just kept thinking 'well we still want to be friends after this so we'll just put up with it' THIS DOES NOT WORK PEOPLE! Not when the friend's 3 yr old spits on you, bites you and calls you names. Ok rant off but listen up in case it happens to you :)
My good friend Andrea in Vienna sent me this today - if you knit check it out !