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Friday, June 23, 2006

I've been a busy girl!

Too long between posts but i've been very busy. Started out by getting a kinda flu bug thing. Then somehow, after doing a 3 day freelance job got two fulltime job offers.
One i took! Next week i'm back in fulltime employ thank the gods. With benefits and all. Perfect hours ( 8 to 4 :30 same as Kent), weekdays. Happy thing really.
Of course at the same time i have a big offer of knitting for a shop and actually getting paid for it. I'm going to try to do both since they are allowing me leeway with choice of patterns ( all my own)
Sunday is the workshop at Hemp and Company. I'm really excited. Apparently we've had tons of interest. I'll report Sunday evening :)
On the knitting activism front please view this site and consider helping. Or doing something of your own!
I'm going to teach people to knit of course. But i've been kicking around some other ideas too.
Like maybe a knitted tshirt or jacket type garment protesting the 'war'. I don't know why it bugs me so much to call it a war. I feel like its a military action.. a bullying. And complete Bullshit by Big Brother.
I've decided to make this blog my main blog. So there will be more frequent posts! Peace ~laurie


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