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Monday, May 29, 2006

Felted Balls?

Yep we are in the midst of preparing for the move June 1st.
Of course, this means i managed to obtain a fleece and have to clean it. Have to - 'cause ya know it smells bad...how come people don't bathe the sheep before shaving them? Wouldn't it make the de-fleecing a pleasanter experience?
Anyhow, i now have a fleece and need to learn to spin. But i wanted to try felting unspun wool too. So here my dears, is the chronicle of the try. ( i hear Yoda" Do or do not, there is no try" Whatever!

So i cleaned and picked over a small amount of fleece.

Then took some flowers from a bush outside and boiled them up leaving a nice purple colour to the water. Also did some lemon balm too thinking it would make a nice green. Added vinegar to the water as a mordant.

When i saw that the green was not being picked up by the wool, i threw in a pack of orange koolaid. Put both bowls in the oven for half an hour to process the dye. And got this:

insert swearing of your choice

Good thing i like orange. I rolled up the balls and tried felting them by hand . Nope. Put them in the bottom of socks and washed and dried them in large loads of laundry according to these instuctions for lovely felted balls.


Got a pile of fluff.

Finally i found a pair of very thin socks ( prev had used the bf's white sox) and tried again. Now i have 3 balls that are semi hard. Punny?


I'm going to wrap them in some different colours of Lopi and try again. I'll let you know.

I wonder why the blue didnt take? It certainly seemed strong.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Take one bought-on-sale-for-5bux ugly lamp. Give the shade a base coat of white.
Or ask your helpful MetalHead boyfriend to do it :)

Then give it a coat of coppery red metallic paint.

Knit or crochet a cover with red hemp string.
Mine is mostly just knit every row,
with a yarn over thrown in once in a while.
I really like the texture, the uneveness and homeliness of the resulting very stretchy knitted fabric.
Stretch it over the dry painted lampshade and sew the side edge.

I then took a few lengths of the twine, added 10 beads to each and tied a knot in each end. Tied them around the post of the lamp thusly:

This was pretty effective. The beads are more see through and shiny in real life.

So one very boring lamp turns into something pretty damn cool. I'm calling her the Betty the Boudoir lamp. :)

Entered it into the whiplash contest cuz it's all about colour this week.Since today was a holiday i actually got a chance to finish and enter! woot ~laurie


Friday, May 19, 2006

Abbey knits :)

Desire to knit is hereditary!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lest you think i have forgotten!

Nope, haven't forgotten the blog. In fact, i've gotten a 'real' website that has the enriched.ca domain name! I'm working on setting everything up so it's a big learning curve.
I've been working on some knitting and got invited to facilitate a knitting workshop at Hemp and Co. here in Victoria. In Vic West actually, right close to where i live.

I knit up this curry coloured washcloth as a sample and am going to make up some more complicated samples too. Hard to know what kind of knitters will be there so i want to make something to cover all bases.
We've found a great apartment too - just around the corner. Moving day is June 1st.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

quick baby shoes, quick post for now

Life ..it's working against my keeping this up to date. I'm hoping tomorrow lets me blog in peace and quiet!
Made these tonight - crappy pix since my regular digital cam is broken. They are actually a nice mauve colour - knit from Paton's cotton club on size 4.5 mm needles .

There's a much better pic and a link to the pattern here:
I love that she painted the buttons she had with nail polish! I used some clear silvery large beads for buttons since that's all i had in the house at the moment. They are much cuter than pictured here and are on their way at this moment to the baby they are for :)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pattern up! Podcast down but coming!

Corianne shawl pattern link is in the sidebar under it's flickr. Useful pattern for beginners. The podcast won't be ready until Friday afternoon. I've sorted out the hows and whats and have come up with a good schedule for myself.