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Friday, April 28, 2006

Finished shawl, more podcast ponderings

I put pix of the finished Corianne shawl at flickr as you can see in the sidebar. Pattern follows shortly ~ i just haven't figured out where to put it yet. After trying a few knitted edgings i used a crochet one. I like the bumpyfunkiness of it . It's easy, even if you are a beginning crocheter.
Podcast is slightly delayed. New microphone! I've been working with audacity and for some reason its making my voice less clear . After i iron out that glitch i'll put it up, hopefully tonight. Note the new rss feed button. And also you can leave me a kinda voicemail with odeo.(see the sidebar again) Try it out!
Next line is just me checking to see if my podcast service is working right
My Odeo Channel (odeo/7959ca4366cd11e7)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Podcast decisions, knitting a shawl

Yesterday i began a shawl made of Bernat soft boucle in cream. It's for my youngest daughter and needs to be extremely washable, therefore the crossing over to the AcrylicDarkSide. I knit it in garter stitch on 12.75 mm needles, loose but not too loose. One ball made the basic triangle shape . Today i'll be knitting a wide lace border on 6mm needles.This one looks great to me :

found here:

I'm a sucker for swatching :) and will prolly do 10 test trys before deciding on said border.

Basic shawl - cast on 3 stitches, increase one stitch at the beginning of every row until its the size you want ( this one is approx. 70" wide and 40" long so far without the lace yet) I'll post the pattern when i'm done.

My favourite knitting plan is to have projects that are part simple and part pay close attention. Hence the simple triangle and the more complicated lace.

Podcast news: new one should be posted later today.(nope will be tomorrow due to real life interference) I'm trying to decide whether or not to stick to the same format every week. For now i'll play around with it and see what comes naturally. Listened to a wide variety of casts this week and found a lot of interesting ones. Remember - you don't need an ipod to listen!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Short Podcast Intro :)

Here's a little podcast intro. I was a bit nervous ... no surprise there i guess. Thanks Littlejoanie and Linda for critiqing!

My Odeo Podcast

Thursday, April 20, 2006

ways to give away lessons?

I've been pondering how to approach this. Here's the list of ideas so far:

1) Put up ads on bulletin boards.

2) Post at places likes craigslist and freecycle.

3) Get a busker's license ( necessary where i live in beautiful Victoria BC) and just go downtown and knit...with a sign "free knitting lessons" The bf (see masshypnosis link) thinks this is a little too over the top for now...but he's supportive and excited about the whole thing. I think it's doable and would be interesting. Before anyone thinks i 'asked his permission' , we both try hard to say exactly what we feel individually , then act on what we want to do. Takes energy but is worth it.

4) Call the local outreach center and see if they'll take a knitting volunteer.

Check later for my first podcast!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An idea

I've kinda had this inspiration . What would happen if i just teach people to knit..for free? All kinds of people but especially impoverished people.

And just what do i mean by impoverished? I don't mean only those marginalized by lack of money. I think that lack of money is only one way to be impoverished.

There are those who have no creative outlets due to societally pressured busy-ness: they are impoverished.

There are those who have such a restricted view of themselves that they no longer believe they can learn anything new: they are impoverished

They are who are content to suck the non-confrontational, non-thinking corporate teat of mainstream milquetoast media; again, impoverished.

I can't solve world poverty. I can't solve much of anything really. But i can knit and teach knitting. And maybe while i'm doing it, i can grow. I can be an uplifter . Not a do-gooder. I don't want to make anyone my project. I just want to share knitting.

This will be a journal of the journey - the who/what/when/where and how of free knitting lessons.

The Why? Because creativity is the opposite of impoverishment.