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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Podcast decisions, knitting a shawl

Yesterday i began a shawl made of Bernat soft boucle in cream. It's for my youngest daughter and needs to be extremely washable, therefore the crossing over to the AcrylicDarkSide. I knit it in garter stitch on 12.75 mm needles, loose but not too loose. One ball made the basic triangle shape . Today i'll be knitting a wide lace border on 6mm needles.This one looks great to me :

found here:

I'm a sucker for swatching :) and will prolly do 10 test trys before deciding on said border.

Basic shawl - cast on 3 stitches, increase one stitch at the beginning of every row until its the size you want ( this one is approx. 70" wide and 40" long so far without the lace yet) I'll post the pattern when i'm done.

My favourite knitting plan is to have projects that are part simple and part pay close attention. Hence the simple triangle and the more complicated lace.

Podcast news: new one should be posted later today.(nope will be tomorrow due to real life interference) I'm trying to decide whether or not to stick to the same format every week. For now i'll play around with it and see what comes naturally. Listened to a wide variety of casts this week and found a lot of interesting ones. Remember - you don't need an ipod to listen!


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