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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An idea

I've kinda had this inspiration . What would happen if i just teach people to knit..for free? All kinds of people but especially impoverished people.

And just what do i mean by impoverished? I don't mean only those marginalized by lack of money. I think that lack of money is only one way to be impoverished.

There are those who have no creative outlets due to societally pressured busy-ness: they are impoverished.

There are those who have such a restricted view of themselves that they no longer believe they can learn anything new: they are impoverished

They are who are content to suck the non-confrontational, non-thinking corporate teat of mainstream milquetoast media; again, impoverished.

I can't solve world poverty. I can't solve much of anything really. But i can knit and teach knitting. And maybe while i'm doing it, i can grow. I can be an uplifter . Not a do-gooder. I don't want to make anyone my project. I just want to share knitting.

This will be a journal of the journey - the who/what/when/where and how of free knitting lessons.

The Why? Because creativity is the opposite of impoverishment.


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